The goal of Discovery days is to introduce children to the Kennebunkport landscape, its beauty, traditions, and places of enjoyment and wonder.  Our hope is that by doing so, our children will learn more about their town and will develop a more defined sense of place and community. 

Each summer, our Discovery Days program overs over two dozen programs for children and their families. Join us to go mountain biking, learn how to lobster, grow a garden, explore a tide pool, and more!  

Our course catalog is published in June.  We have a member registration period and followed by signup for the general public.  This programs is run primarily with volunteers and businesses who have stepped forward with their time and services to lead small groups on a wide variety of enjoyable adventures.  With out these generous people and businesses, we would not be ale to offer such a variety of fun and meaningful activities.  Our thanks go out to them!

Please contact our Director of Education, Leia Lowery with your question, programming ideas, and to find out how to volunteer.  She can be reached by emailing or by calling (207) 967-3465.

Summer Programming 2017

For any questions regarding summer programming please contact Leia Lowery:

967-3465 or email: 

SUMMER CAMP 2017 !  register today!

Flying High summer camp-  July 12-21    Ages 4-8

Summer Environmental Camp with the Trust!  Ages 4-8,  Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm.  $250 per child,  limited enrollment.  Campers will split their time between Kennebunkport Conservation Trust properties and Cocoons Day School.   

This week is all about our feathered friends from the red-tailed hawk who resides at the Emmons Preserve to the guls that steal our sandwiches at the beach. Spend a week hiking and bird watching with binoculars and learning how every bird is perfectly adapted for their environment, from their talons and beaks to feathers and feet. Monday and Friday explore at Cocoons Day School. Find out if there are eggs in the birdhouses and discover what is flying around the vernal pools. Tuesday through Thursday, have fun at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust Headquarters exploring the forest and fields and make your own birdfeeders. We'll walk out to the islands of Stage Harbor and find more feathered friends who visit us on the shore. There will be other surprise visitors flying in with stories just for you! Don't miss your chance to soar in Kennebunkport!

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Explorers Unite-  August 14-18 Ages 8-11

Summer Environmental Camp with the Trust! Ages 8 - 11, Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm. $250 per child, limited enrollment. Campers will split their time between Kennebunkport Conservation Trust properties and Cocoons Day School. 

Get ready for high adventure! Campers will spend Monday and Friday at Cocoons Day School where they will learn about different explorers and their journeys, as well as take some big journeys of their own to explore their our community. Learn how boats are built and about the first boats that came from the Kennebunk River and sailed around the world. Learn how to navigate around the woods using the tools to be an adventurer. Tuesday through Thursday will be held at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust Headquarters. We will supply plenty of opportunities to explore new territory on a mountain bike trek, hike trails to tasty destinations, and even adventure out to an island to see how the first explorers in Cape Porpoise came here. You might even find some artifacts alongside the archeology dig out on Stage Island!

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