Former owner of the York County Coast Star, Sandy Brook, once wrote of the islands of Cape Porpoise as the jewels of Trust holding.

“If Green Island is an emerald, and Bass Island a pearl, Folly an opal, Pinkham a garnet, and Goat Island, the one with the lighthouse, a lodestone, then Cape is the diamond.  It is the outermost and the highest; it is also many-faceted.  As you walk its perimeter the rock changes from grey to black to white to pink to tan.  At one end there are coves with the roundest storm-rolled rocks on any of the islands.  Its tidal pools are the deepest and most colorful, its surprising inner meadow the most languid in sunshine, its long mane of dark fir trees the thickest and shadiest, its campsites—used all summer long by many young romantics and island-lovers—the most secluded.” 


The goal of the Trust is to continue to maintain the health and beauty of the islands.  Through the use of the Island Stewards, KCT works to maintain the delicate balance between use and abuse, recognizing both the goal of allowing young romantics and island lovers the special opportunity of visiting an island with that of keeping the fragile ecosystems intact.  The Trust is also working to rid the islands of invasive species when found.  In the years to come, we aim learn more of the islands histories. 

Walk through mudflats and visit at low tide, paddle to a secluded campsite, go on a family picnic - these are your islands!  To volunteer as an Island Steward, please contact Tom & Jenn Fries at

Island Camping Maps

Cape Island     Stage Island     Trott Island     Vaughn Island