The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust offers primitive camping and day picnicking on our harbor islands. Experience the wonders of nature, beauty of the sea and magic of island life by coming for a visit.  You can reach the harbor islands by boat, being mindful of the tides and Mother Nature.  Small skiffs and non-motorized crafts (kayaks, canoes) are the preferred way to travel.

Island Camping

No fee camping is allowed at established sites on Cape, Trotts and Vaughn’s Islands.  Each Island has three campsites with a designated maximum capacity.  Please see our Island Camping Guide for details and complete camping instructions.

Before you head to the islands, you will need to file a camping permit and waiver with the Kennebunkport Police Station.  Paperwork is available at the Police Station or you can print and complete the form in advance to save time on your journey. 

Fires are allowed in designated fire pits.  Fire permits are required by Maine state law and issued at the Police Station.  Please keep in mind, permits are issued based on weather conditions.  Due to limited means of fire protection on an island, the rapidly changing coastal winds, and fragile interconnected root systems, we ask that you always use caution with camp fires.  And of course, enjoy your s’mores!


While camping is "free", you can help us with care for the islands!  Please considering becoming a Trust Member by making any sized contribution so we can forever maintain these special properties for all to enjoy for generations to come!  Together, we can make a difference.  Together, we can do great things!



Cape Island Map       

Trott Island Map

Vaughn Island Map

Cape Porpoise Harbor Map

Camping Permit & Waiver  (to file with Kennebunkport Police Station)

Island Camping Guide (to keep at your campsite)