Goat Island Lighthouse is an iconic landmark in Cape Porpoise Harbor.  It was established in 1833 and has been a beacon for boaters since that time.  It has seen shipwrecks, ferocious storms, generations of keepers, countless visitors, Presidents, and the most glorious sunsets in Kennebunkport.  Today, Goat Island and Goat Island Lighthouse is owned and maintained by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.

In the blizzard of '78 the walkway that connected the keeper's quarters with the tower was swept out to sea.  An historic renovation took place on Goat Island in 2011.  The Trust brought the property back to its look in the 1950's.  The walkway was rebuilt, the bell tower was reconstructed, and the keeper's quarters were refurbished.   

During the summer months, we invite you to visit by boat or you can view the lighthouse from the landing at the end of Pier Road in Cape Porpoise.  We have a small dock available for our guests arriving by boat, which is accessible at high tide (and 1-2 hours on either side of the tide).  Scott and Karen Dombrowski, our lighthouse keepers, live in the keepers quarters.  If home, they will gladly give you a tour of the tower, but please be mindful that it is also a private residence.  

KCT hosts work parties on Wednesdays throughout the summer.  You can view the Work Wednesdays schedule on our Events page.  Our contact our Lighthouse Keeper, Scott Dombrowski to get involved at gilighthouse@gmail.com

You can also stay connect on the Goat Island Lighthouse Facebook Page  or see it live on the Goat Island Webcam

To learn more about the history of Goat Island Lighthouse, please read Jeremy D'Entremont's overview of the island and its lighthouse here.