From trails to islands, educational programs to great events, the Trust has a lot going on!  Please enjoy Trust In Town which gives an overview of our work in Kennebunkport.  Copyrighted by the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust 2017.

Trust In Our Town Magazine, summer 2017

The Lil Boat that Could, an unmanned boat launched by the Trust and Alternative Education students, made its way across the Atlantic and landed in Scotland in the summer of 2017.  Enjoy the news reports below on the boat's journey!

Portland Press Herald story June 27, 2017

Coverage in Scotland's Sunday Post on July 12, 2017

Full story on WSCH Channel 6 News

We are thrilled to be working with the newly formed Arundel Conservation Trust!  Great news for land preservation in our community!  Read more about ACT below.

Arundel Conservation Trust ready to get to work in the York County Coast Star


Thanks to our amazing and volunteers for another great year in the books!  Click below to enjoy the Trust's 2016 Year in Review.

2016 Year In Review


Check out this story on Channel 13!  It features "The Little Boat That Could", a collaborative project between the Trust and the high school's Alternative Education Program that sent an unmanned boat to sea!

Watch the video here!


The Trust was featured in the Portland Press Herald on 11/13/16

Enjoy the article about our new trails HERE


KCT is proud to be part of the team that brings Houston Kraft to our school district, spreading his message of love and kindness.  Enjoy a clip from a recent visit to Kennebunk High School featured on Channel 8 news.

Houston Kraft in RSU 21 video


Be inspired!  Check out this article about Kyle Robidoux, a legally blind runner who completed our half marathon on the trails! 

Teamwork on the Trails article from the York County Coast Star


KCT publishes its newsletter, Trust In Our Town.  Below you will find an archive of our most recent editions.  Enjoy!

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