KCT is very fortunate to have both a Board of Directors and a Board of Trustees who strive to help the Trust achieve its goals.  All are volunteers and their service is invaluable.  

The Trust's Board of Directors is an active group both in the office and on our properties.  They maintain trails, volunteer on our field trips, balance our books, manage our finances, watch over our islands, help run events and more.  This is all in addition to meeting regularly, guiding the Trust's vision and actively voting on Trust issues.  

Our Board of Trustees act as our advisers in and around Kennebunkport.  They are welcome at all of our Board Meetings, receive our monthly Board communications, attend events and meetings, and weigh-in on key projects.  

Please be sure to thank them when you see them on our trails, in the office, at events, out on the islands or wherever you might happen to discover one of our Board Members.  

Board of Directors

Mark Roller, President

Russ Grady, Vice President

David Jourdan, Treasurer

Jerry Mullin, Secretary

Arnie Amoroso

Christ Angelos

Bud Danis

Karen Dombrowski

William Dugan

Brandon Gillard

Joan Hull

Jenne James

Pam Morgan

Karl Pepin

Lois Samuels

Board of Trustees


Wayne Adams

Cecil Benson

Jestena Boughton

Ed Bull

Sheila Matthews-Bull

Sharon Cummins

Scott Dombrowski

Jon Dykstra

Susan Edwards

Spike Emmons

Ruth Fernandez

Joseph Field

Tom Fries

Jennifer Fries

Dot Gregoire

Kenneth Hutchins

David James

Bob King

Mary Susan Leahy

Linda O’Neill

Ken Raynor

Rebecca Roberts

Gail Roller

Chris Smith

Dan Viehmann

Rich Woodman

Linda Zuke