We truly consider the Trust a family.  Our thanks goes out to our devoted staff, stewards and members who make our work possible.   


KCT Staff

Tom Bradbury, Executive Director    tom@kctoffice.org 

Leia Lowery, Director of Education   leia@kctoffice.org

Bailey Farris, Support Assistant bailey@kctoffice.org

Heather Magaw, Operations Manager heather@kctoffice.org


Steward Programs

Scott & Karen Dombrowski, Lighthouse Keepers     gilighthouse@gmail.com

Bud Danis, Trail Steward Program     b.danis@hotmail.com

Tom & Jenn Fries, Island Steward Program  islands@kctoffice.org

Russ Grady, Volunteer Coordinator volunteer@kctoffice.org