41: A Portrait of My Father


41: A Portrait of My Father

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by George W. Bush

1st Edition book published by Crown Publications in New York, hardcover, 294 pages.

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Not since John Quincy Adams followed John Adams into the White House 190 years ago have a father and son both served as President of the United States. In 41: A Portrait of My Father, George W. Bush, the forty-third President, takes us through the life and leadership of his father, George H.W. Bush, the forty-first President. Intimate, heartfelt, and illuminating, 41 is a book only a son - and a President - could write.

George H.W. Bush’s life is a great American story. Following Pearl Harbor and against his father’s wishes, he delayed college to pilot torpedo bombers in the Navy during World War II. After flying combat missions in the Pacific and surviving enemy fire, he returned home to marry Barbara Pierce, his wartime sweetheart and a woman who would profoundly influence both father and son for decades to come.

With his military medals and a Yale degree, George H.W. Bush was highly coveted on Wall Street. But this zeal for adventure led him and Barbara to move their young family to West Texas. In recounting his childhood in Midland, Texas, George W. Bush explores how his father developed the skills of cultivating personal relationships, following his instincts, and taking risks while making a name for himself in the oil business. George H.W. Bush eventually set himself on a new path, away from entrepreneurial endeavors and toward public service.

George W. Bush described his father’s eventful and remarkable three decades in politics - from the painful defeats in the Texas Senate races of 1964 and 1970, to his unlikely service as a diplomat and CIA director, to his eight years as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President, and finally his election as President in 1988. During his four momentous years in the Oval Office, George H.W. Bush guided the nation through the peaceful end of the Cold War, oversaw the liberation of Panama and Kuwait, and made though economic decisions that laid the foundation for future prosperity. His loss in 1992 was a stinging rejection, but he overcame the paid of defeat and ultimately befriended his former rival, President Bill Clinton.

More than a biography, 41 provides insights into the lessons learned by a song from watching a man he admires and adores. George W. Bush reflects on his father’s influence at his own personal and political crossroads and recalls how George H.W. Bush’s quiet, steady emotional support carried him through difficult times.

George H.W. Bush was one of the most significant American politicians of the twentieth century - and is one of the most beloved elder statesmen of the twenty-first. 41 is a stirring tribute to an inspiring father and great American.