At the end of September, 2011, friends and family of Barbara Bush surprised her with a special tribute, a wonderful garden on the Trust’s River Green, in the heart of Kennebunkport. Inspired by a needlepoint carpet she created in which the initials of her grandchildren were hidden amidst a bed of lovely pastel flowers, “Ganny’s Garden” brings that beauty to life. Ganny is the name Barbara Bush is lovingly called by her seventeen grandchildren, and their initials are randomly engraved in the stone walls which surround the garden. In addition, 17 trees have been included in the design, one for each grandchild. Once through a custom made arbor, visitors can follow a stepping-stone pathway past three beds of traditional, colorful flowers, including a rose named after the former first lady. Plaques and bronze features have been created including a copy of her favorite book, “Pride and Prejudice”, a pair of her famous mix-matched Keds and her iconic straw sun hat, all positioned as though she had just been there.  Over $100,000 was raised to upgrade this corner of the River Green.  Currently, approximately $20,000 has been set aside as an endowment for the garden.  The goals is to increase that fund to $100,000 in the years to come to keep “Ganny’s Garden” a special part of the River Green and a source of beauty, inspiration and enjoyment for generations of those who will live in or visit Kennebunkport.

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