The success of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust is based on the contributions of a wide range of individuals.  The Heritage Circle honors those whose donations and efforts are at the core of that success.  We are eternally grateful for our forever members and their gifts.  Those gifts have come in a variety of ways including land, easements, service to KCT, volunteerism and outstanding financial support. We are continually humbled with new contributions which add to the strength of our organization. 


Property Gifts

Katherine Bowe – Donated Redin’s Island, 1970

Elizabeth & Sterling Dow II – Donated Redin’s Island, 1970

George & Frederica Gifford – Donated Redin’s Island, 1970

Allen Pargellis – Donated Redin’s Island, 1970

Margaret Silberling – Donated Redin’s Island, 1970

Virginia W. Goodwin – Donated Two Tidal Shore Lots, 1975

Robert & Elizabeth Brown – Donated Cape Arundel Lot, 1976 

Charles & Nancy Cole – Donated Cape Arundel Lot, 1976

Ruth C. Madden – Donated Beaver Pond & New Biddeford Rd. Lot, 1977

John & Lorna McGrory – Donated Batson River Land, 1978

T. Allyn Goodwin – Donated marshland, 1978/79

Minot & Eleanor Grose – Donated Property & Easements, Biddeford, 1980

Lucinda M. Lord – Donated Lake-of-the-Woods, 1981

(representing Kennebunkport Sea Shore Company)

Desmond & Joan O’Hara – Donated Three Sand Point Lots, 1981

Clare I. Starr -- Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1981

Mary C. Walker – Donated Easement on Walker’s Point, 1981

C. Bader & Marjorie Brouilette, Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1982

Gilbert & Vivian Fessenden – Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1982

Anna Larkin – Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1982

John & Ilona Leggett – Donated Cape Arundel Lot, 1982

Mary McLean – Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1982

Suzanne Newell Lofredo – Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1983

William & Cynthia Nixon – Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1985

Velda Adams – Donated Adams Farm Easement, 1988

Jonathan & Elizabeth Milligan – Donated President Bush Island, 1989

Carolyn Craig – Donated Craig Woods, 1990

Stanley & Deborah Cole, Donated Car Track Lot, 1992

Santi & Salvatore Frini – Donated Bishop’s Woods Easement, 1992

Robert & Joan Smaldone – Donated Tyler Brook Ext., 1994

John Rinaldi – Donated Frank Handlen’s statue on River Green-- 1995

& Historical Nautical Artifacts (2011)

William O’Dell Henson – Donated Milk & Savin Bush Islands, 1996

Margaret Hollingsworth – Donated  Land Easement, 1996

William & Barbara Hughes – Donated Bass Island, 1996

Josephine Smith – Donated Milk & Savin Bush Islands, 1996

Walter Spicer – Bargain sale of Trott’s Island, 1996

Grace White – Donated Milk & Savin Bush Islands, 1996

Charles & Nancy Cole -- Donated Bumpkin Island, 1997

Seth & Ruth Pinkham – Donated Pinkham Island (town), 1997

Zoe Durrell – Donated Mast Cove Green, 1998

Frederick & Donna Trudo – Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1998

Russell & Mary Bryant, Donated Bryant Point at Crow Hill, 1999

Jeffrey Cohen – Donated Pinkham Land Easement, 1999

Isabel N. Farrell – Donated Nunan Lot, 1999

Caroline Lent – Donated Nunan Lot, 1999

Sally Maule – Donated Goose Rocks Beach Lot, 1999

Richard T. Nunan – Donated Nunan Lot, 1999

Ann Seavey – Donated Wildes District Lot, 1999

Rick & Nancy Spencer – Paddy Creek Land, 1999

Hubert & Edith Woodard – Donated Cape Porpoise Lot, 1999

Robert Ludwig – Donated Property Easement, 2000

Stephen & Natalie Emmons – Donated Emmons Preserve, 2001

Peter Sargent – Car Tracks Land, 2001

Peter & Christine Talmage – Donated Batson River Easement, 2001

Evelyn M. Groom – Ocean Avenue Lot, 2002

Tony & Judy King – Donated Stage Island & Fort Island, 2002

Wayne T. Adams – Donated Adams Woods, 2003

Bumpkin Island, 1997, Beachwood Ave. Lot, 2003

Barbara V. Carlson – Donated Halcyon Way, 2003

Roger S. Lawrence – Donated Halcyon Way, 2003

Robert E. Marier, Jr. – Donated Halcyon Way, 2003

E. Phillip Newell – Donated Halcyon Way, 2003

Thomas J. Reagan, III – Donated Halcyon Way, 2003

John & Cheryl Ritchie – Donated Sand Point Lot, 2003

Betty M. Smith – Donated Halcyon Way, 2003

Bill Forrest & Nanci Julian – Donated Woods Lot, 2004

Ellie Dow Sanderson – Donated Turbat’s Creek Shore Access, 2005

Erik & Gloria Moline – Donated Goose Rocks Rd. Lot, 2006

Dr. Eleanor Saboski – Donated Whitten Hill Rd. Land, 2006 



Volunteers of the Year

Mike Weston - 2006

Bill Case - 2007

Jenne James - 2007

Bud Danis – 2008

Pam Morgan  - 2009

Nancy Naimey  - 2009

David Jourdan  - 2010

Charlie Wright – 2010

Doug Butler  - 2011

Robert Haskell – 2011

Brandon Gillard - 2012

David James – 2012

Chris Smith - 2012

Bridget Burns - 2013

Craig Giefer - 2013


Board Members, Past & Present

Christ Angelos

Arnie Amoroso

Charles Milton Bradbury

Tom Bradbury

Cliff Burgess

Russell Bryant

William Case

Bud Danis

Karen Dombrowski

Scott Dombrowski

Sterling Dow III

William Dugan

Stephen Emmons

Ruth Fernandez

Marion Fretz

Brandon Gillard

Edward Hutchins

Jenne James

David Jourdan

Sandy Marsters

Gloria McKay

Larry McKay

Pam Morgan

Jerry Mullin

Richard Perry

Gail Roller

Mark Roller

Lois Samuels

Peter Sargent

Stacy Towne

Nancy Viehmann

Tony Viehmann

Ed Wedlock

Michael Weston

Richard Woodman

Hale Whitehouse

Dorcas Zeiner


Board of Trustees, Past & Present

Wayne Adams

Cecil Benson Jr.

Jestena Boughton

Rebecca Bradbury

Ashley Davis

Blake Davis

Scott Dombrowski

Spike Emmons

Ruth Fernandez

Joseph Field

Brandon Gillard

Kenneth N. Hutchins

David James

Bob King

Steve Kingston

Mary Susan Leahy

Linda O’Neill

Karl Pepin

Ken Raynor

Gail Roller

Peter Sargent

Chris Smith

Stacy Towne

Linda Wade

Rich Woodman

Dan Viehmann



Exceptional Service

Ed & Sheila Bull (Phillip H. Matthews Memorial Lobsterbake)

Doug Butler (Engineering work & volunteerism)

Bill Case (Emmons Preserve & Smith Preserve work)

Jan Collins (Town forest land donation)

George “Bud” Danis (Smith Preserve trail work)

Scott & Karen Dombrowski (Goat Island Lighthouse)

Sterling Dow III (Trust creation & Cape Island)

Bill & Pat Dugan (Financial advising)

Ruth Fernandez (Years of service)

Stephen Emmons (Emmons Preserve creation & photos)

Robert Haskell (Island Stewards)

Jenne James (12th Night & trails)

David & Lynn Jourdan (Trails, finacials & general support)

Kathy Kubiak (Goose Rocks Beach lot donations)

Pam Morgan (Trust in our Children)

Nancy Naimey (Trust in our Children)

Mark & Gail Roller (Financials, gardens & service)

Peter Sargent (Trust founder and years of service)

Michael & Janet Weston (Emmons home & financial reports)

Charlie Wright (Goat Island Webcam)


Financials Contributors:

Extraordinary Support

Louise Appleton

Jestena Boughton

Emily G. Brown

Bob & Dottie King

Land for Maine’s Future

Dr. Charles McCullough

Dr. Peter Morgane

Lois Samuels


Exceptional Support

George & Barbara Bush

George & Laura Bush

Clancy & Caron Cottman

Ann Fales

Henry Pasco

Priscilla Pasco

Harrow Smith

Virginia Hodgkins Somers


Outstanding Support

Jerry & Hulda Cohen

Warner & Mary Fletcher

Jeffrey & Janet Glidden

Tim Harrington

Margaret Hollingsworth

Betty Joyce

Kennebunk Savings Bank

Tony & Judy King

The Nature Conservancy

Tim & Linda O’Neill

The Rust Foundation

Patricia Sanborn

George & Carol Walker



Superior Support

Yvonne B. Archer

Robert & Patricia Bauman

Barbara Bealer

Tony & Nancy Bowe

Bill Forrest & Nanci Julian

Annette L. Gosnell

Harold & Bonnie Himmelman

Orton P. Jackson, Jr.

David & Lynn Jourdan

Richard Levy & Dana Asbury

Andy & Linda Ory

Quimby Family Foundation

Eleanor Scribner

Nancy Spooner

Jack & Helen Stewart

Barbara Thomas

Michael & Janet Weston


Excellent Support

Mrs. Harris C Aller, Jr.

Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

Christopher B. Asplundh

Robert & Lois Baylis

Biddeford Pool Land Trust

Tom & Shirley Bradbury

Walter Brassert

Russell & Mary Bryant

George “Bud” & Marilyn Danis

Davis Conservation Foundation

Peter & Pamela Deprez

David & Ellen Doubleday

Mary Emmons

Fields Pond Foundation

Mary Hikade

Paul & Geri Hogan

Elizabeth R. Kast

Kennebunk Land Trust

Dan & Judy Magrath

Maine Community Foundation

Eric & Jane Molson

Robert & Marjorie Ory

Lyman & Gill Page

David & Sandra Perloff

Herbert & Anne Pick

Todd Richardson

David & Ellie Sanderson

Tom & Janet Schaub

Victor & Geraldine Serreze

Richard & Patricia Smith

Liener & Karla Temerlin

Richard & Evie Tonneson

Dr. Neil Clark & Marylyn Warren

William & Carolyn Wheatley