Volunteer with KCT

The Trust is extremely fortunate to have an awesome crew of volunteers and we welcome you to join us!  With just three employees and over 2,300 acres of land, 12 harbor islands, 19 miles of trails, a lighthouse, an historic boathouse, school programs, summer programs and events throughout the year, volunteers are an essential part of the Trust.

Throughout the year, we have some formal "work" days for volunteers, but we also invite all of you to volunteer on your own time.  Whether you take a hike and clean up fallen branches on a trail after a storm, or paddle out to an island and pick up trash when you are there, or serve as a docent on a field trip, every effort makes our community a better place!

Volunteers are our eyes and ears on KCT holdings.  To help us monitor our properties and track the time you have given, we ask that you log your activities and hours by completing the simple form below.  If you ever see anything requiring our attention or have feedback, feel free to contact us anytime by calling (207) 967-3465 or volunteer@kctoffice.org  Thank you for caring, thank you for giving back to your community and remember, always have fun along the way!

KCT Volunteer Log

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Date of Volunteer Activity
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Please tell us where you volunteered for the Trust.
Please tell us about your volunteer activities (i.e. cleared brush from trail, removed trash from island, chaperoned a field trip, served food at an event, etc.
Please let us know about your experience, the condition of our properties, your thoughts on our programming or any other feedback that you think is important.

We thank you for your time and efforts!  It's only by all of us working together for a common cause in this special place that so many accomplishments can happen.  Together, we can make a difference.  Together, we can do great things!

Got pictures? We love photos!  Please email pictures of yourself volunteering to volunteer@kctoffice.org


I just returned from one of my many many runs thru Emmons, Smith, & Tyler Brook. I feel the need to express my overwhelming gratitude to all the volunteers and committee members of the Trust for the amazing work you all do so that people like myself, my family & my friends can enjoy a treasure right in our back yards. It does not go un-noticed! Your hard work affects many individuals mental & physical well being. The work you do goes well beyond preserving land. I THANK YOU!
— Richard Langevin, May 2015