KCT Thought of the Week, June 24, 2006

 "We believe that land is essential to the human spirit. When we conserve land, we bring natural beauty into our lives, we build healthy communities and we preserve natural habitat. Land trusts are strong and enduring civic institutions that are conserving the best of the American landscape. They are one of the most hopeful signs of American democracy: As neighbors work together to protect the places they love, they spark a civic engagement that transforms their communities. The Land Trust Alliance is working for the day when every child in America will grow up within 10 minutes of a park, trail or protected open space. We envision a vast national network of greenways, farms, forests and natural areas that will be protected for all time." From the Land Trust Alliance 2005 Annual Report  

Board of Directors of the national Land Trust Allianceon a visit to Kennebunkport and a tour of the KCT holdings and headquarters, June 16, 2006. Photo by Chris Smith and with thanks to Chris & Cyndi Smith of Ocean Exposure