KCT Thought of the Week, October 25, 2013

"Take your child out on a still October night when there is little wind and find a quiet place away from traffic noises. . . Presently your ears will detect tiny wisps of sound--sharp chirps, sibilant lisps, and call notes.  They are the voices of bird migrants, apparently keeping in touch by their calls with others of their kind scattered through the sky.  I never hear these calls without a wave of feeling that is compounded of many emotions--a sense of lonely distances, a compassionate awareness of small lives controlled and directed by forces beyond volition or denial, a surging wonder at the sure instinct for route and directions that so far has baffled human efforts to explain it."  Rachel Carson  "The Sense of Wonder"  "A Place Called Maine"

 A Golden Cape Porpoise Sunset:  Photo by Robert Dennis