KCT Thought of the Week, February 12, 2016

A Little Town, But My Town

By Silas H. Perkins

My Town is a little town

With the breath of the foaming sea,

Where white gulls glide above the tide,

And the boats toss endlessly.


My town is a friendly town,

And welcomes the coming guest.

Its houses wait by the open gate

And whisper of peace and rest.


My town is an old, old town,

But it sparkles with youth today

As when afar under guiding star

Its argosies sailed away.


My town is a dreaming town

As it clings to the ocean’s side.

It lifts tall trees to the crooning breeze,

And dips in the tossing tide.


My town is a little town,

But, O, wherever I roam

It seems to sing like a living thing

Of peace and joy—and home!


A Beautiful Winter’s Day in Kennebunkport: With Thanks to Bill Lord & Don Johnson of Maine HDTV

Here's the video: https://vimeo.com/154429305 (view in full screen!)