KCT Thought of the Week, March 11, 2016

“Ours is a special place, a town of great beauty, a community where the present and past blend, reminding us that what we hold dear was once loved by an earlier generation, as it will be by those who will follow.  The roads they walked, the fields they worked, the homes in which they lived and loved, the scenic vistas, the forests, the islands and beaches on which they played, have been left to us and are now ours to enjoy.  We are now the stewards of this wonderful land.  What will be passed on to our children is in our hands.  Whether we are a native, newcomer, or a visitor, we share a common love of this place, and a common responsibility to retain those special features around which this community has grown.  Even as our town grows, its’ essential character can be forever preserved for all to appreciate.  That is what the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust is all about.  That is why we ask for your membership support.” ~ Tom Bradbury

A Beauty for All to Enjoy:  Photo by Robert Dennis